Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips Every New York Homeowner Needs to Know

Water Damage Insurance

Water damage claims to insurance companies have increased significantly in the past several years within the United States. Whether it occurs as a result of flood damage, burst pipes, leaks from appliances, or accidents, there is definitely an uptick in situations where water becomes destructive.

It could be a slow, simple water issue, or it could be a serious and highly chaotic issue. Regardless, filing claims and working with an insurance company may prove to be quite daunting; however, it does not have to be so challenging.

If you are a New York homeowner, continue reading to learn about a few water damage insurance claim tips that will help make the task as easy as possible.

Check Your Policy

Before filing an insurance claim for water damage, it is essential that you check your policy to determine what is covered and what is not covered.

Your standard homeowner’s insurance commonly covers water flow that emerges from appliances that are faulty, accidental damage such as a pipe bursting, and moisture damage that stems from severe weather – such as your roof becoming damaged and a leak developing as a result of that damage.

There are other types of damage that may not be covered. Examples include sewer back-up, a leaky toilet that is not immediately addressed, and damage from flooding.

Even if you do not think your situation is covered, still, contact your homeowner’s insurance and make an inquiry. If you are reading this for informational purposes and are not currently contending with water damage, you should talk to your insurance agent and ask about types of coverages that are available.

You should try to obtain a separate flood insurance policy or get enhanced insurance that will cover moisture damage from sewers, failed drains, and other complications that are not covered in standard policies.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the damage that has occurred is one of the most important water damage insurance claim tips that we have to offer. You must take these pictures immediately.

Always make sure that no clean up or any type of restoration or repairs is performed until you take the pictures. Once you have reviewed your policy and have taken pictures, contact your insurance company and start the filing process.

In most instances, they will schedule an adjuster to meet you and assess the damages within a certain time frame.

Obtain Estimates

Once the adjuster has reviewed the damage to your home, they have a certain period of time where they have to determine if your claim is considered to be valid.

During this time, you should obtain estimates from the professionals that will be required to restore/repair what was damaged from the moisture.

Examples may include a plumber, a carpenter, or an electrician. In some instances, you may need to contact more than one professional for an estimate.

Gather Documentation and Other Information

While you wait on the verdict of the water damage claim, the next step in our water damage insurance claim tips is to gather as much documentation and other types of information as possible. Examples include the date and location when/where the damage occurred.

The estimates that you have received that pertain to clean up and restoration/repairs. Any receipts for any expenses that have been incurred as a result of the situation (such as money you had to spend to stay away from home due to the damage), and a list that details all of the items that has been damaged and all of the materials that will be needed to fix the damage.

You should also keep track of the dates, times, and people you speak with at your insurance company.

Prevent an Issue from Developing in the Future on Claims

If you are reading this simply to learn what to do in the event of moisture damage and have not yet experienced the issue, the best water damage insurance claim tips we have to offer you are, keep up on all maintenance on your home, make certain you have water damage included in your homeowner’s insurance, and sign up for the extra flood insurance, if it is available.

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