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If you are interested in transportation insurance products that are available for truckers, we here at Modica Associates can assist you! We place a high level of focus on trucking, transportation, and business insurance plans for those that are in the trucking industry.

We know and understand that each transportation business is unique. It does not matter if you simply manage a large fleet of trucks or you are an actual owner-operator in a transportation business, we will take the time to learn about your business and provide you with the most comprehensive insurance products for you.

Continue reading to learn about the specific types of transportation insurance products that may be obtained to ensure complete coverage of your trucking business. 

Coverage Products for Truckers

The following outlines each of the types of coverage products designed for truckers that have a desire to completely protect their transportation business:

  1. Physical Damage Insurance – This transportation insurance coverage product is designed to protect truckers from environmental conditions, adverse weather issues, animals, other drivers, and all other factors that have the capability of damaging your vehicle and having a negative impact on your business. 
  2. Commercial Auto Liability – This transportation insurance product provides protection to you and your company should one of the drivers that you employ is found to hold liability for damaging another person’s property and/or injuring another person. If your company experiences a lawsuit, this type of transportation insurance coverage will help in covering the expenses associated with court costs and the amount that your defense costs. 
  3. Motor Truck Cargo – This transportation insurance coverage protects from a wide assortment of losses. Examples include common perils of the road, mechanical breakdown, the removal of debris, and freight charges earned but you are unable to collect. 
  4. Non-Trucking Liability – This insurance product will protect you when you are driving for a purpose that is not business related. 
  5. Cyber Liability – This transportation insurance product will protect the electronic-stored information. If that is compromised in any way, this will provide you with the protection that you need. 
  6. General Liability – This helps in protecting your business from various types of losses that are caused by the services that you provide, the operations that you conduct, and/or the employees that you have. It aids in coverage of legal expenses, medical expenses, and damaged that are directly outlined in your transportation insurance policy. 

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It does not matter if you are a local business and working as an independent with only one employee or you have a large transportation company with numerous employees, we here at Modica Associates offer a wide range of business and transportation insurance solutions that will protect you and your company.

Our experienced staff will work directly with you to determine what type of transportation insurance products that you need and will benefit from. We guarantee the best price and the absolute best in coverage.

We have been serving clients just like you in excess of five decades and we promise you a high level of satisfaction. For more information, contact us directly by calling: 718-855-1836

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