The Unique Risks and Needs of Brownstone Homes Must Be Considered When Shopping for Insurance Coverage 

Brownstone residences are sprinkled among the leafy, quaint streets of New York. They are exceptionally popular within Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. In fact, it is quite common to observe brownstones sitting against historic cobblestone lanes throughout the state.

Most of these structures date back to the period of the 19th Century. Many are owner-occupied, while others are tenant-occupied.

While immensely popular, these structures have their fair share of risks and needs. As a result, these must be considered when shopping for insurance coverage. 

General Information for Brownstone Coverage

In an effort to provide adequate coverage for brownstone homes, a comprehensive insurance policy should be obtained. This will aid in the protection against financial losses as it will include both property and liability coverages.

There are features available in insurance coverages that should be added to ensure the highest level of protection.

These are necessary due to the age of the brownstone, the location, the characteristics of the structure, as well as the type of occupancy of the building. 

Ordinance Coverage 

Due to the immense age of the brownstones within the State of New York, Ordinance coverage should be chosen for the structure. In short, this covers damages and upgrades that are required to ensure that the local building codes are met.

By having this policy in place, any additional expenses incurred as a result of getting the structure to codes will be met with assistance from that policy. This includes sewer backup, drainage backup, sewer line damage, and even demolition – if deemed necessary. 

Business Income Coverage 

If you are a brownstone owner that elects to rent to tenants, you should obtain business income coverage on the insurance that you obtain for the structure. This will aid in the response of any situation or event that results in the closure of the property for the purpose and intent of repairs or upgrades.

It covers both losses in the revenue received from the property and any expenses that are ongoing during the repair and/or upgrade process. 

Various Policy Options 

We here at Modica Associates can assist you in obtaining the insurance and all of the additional coverages that you require for the structure. You will find that our prices are among the most competitive within the market.

It does not matter if your brownstone requires millions of dollars of restoration or just a bit of tender loving care, we can assist you! You may obtain an All-Risk policy, green rebuild endorsement, optional valuation clauses, building ordinance or law coverages, and more! 

We were established in the year of 1961 as a family-owned business that seeks to develop solid relationships with our clients. We do not sell commodities; however, we do provide a service.

We strive to develop a partnership with you and ensure that you get the absolute value in the insurance that you choose! If you would like to learn more or are interested in a quote on insurance for your brownstone, contact us now by calling: 718-855-1836

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