The Factors That Directly Impact the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance in New York

The premiums that are charged for homeowner’s insurance in New York vary immensely from one company to another. In order to get the best value, consumers should do a little shopping around. If you lack the time or the patience for this research, contact us here at Modica Associates today.

We take all of the work out of the process and guarantee you the best coverage for your money. In this brief guide, we will outline the factors that will directly impact the price you pay for the insurance to cover your home.

The Factors

The following outline the various factors that will be considered by an insurance company to determine how much you will pay for homeowner’s insurance in New York:

  1. The insurance company will determine the building, the age of that building, and where it is located.
  2. How the building will be used is also evaluated. Is it the owner’s primary residence or is it a rental property?
  3. Companies will figure out how close the home is to home protection services, such as fire departments and police departments.
  4. What you choose as your deductibles will factor into the price that you pay for your homeowner’s insurance.
  5. You may have premium discounts available to you. The insurance company will factor this in to help offset the expenses of the insurance.
  6. The scope of your policy and the amount of coverage that you have elected to purchase will also be considered when determining how much you will pay for homeowner’s insurance in New York.


New York has five boroughs and each has its own rating when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. Outside of the boroughs are territories. These are also assigned a special classification, which has a lot to do with the amount of fire protection that is offered.

Where you live – be it in a borough or a territory – will have a lot to do with how much you are charged for homeowner’s insurance.

Credit History

The next factor that plays a role in how much you pay for homeowner’s insurance in New York is your credit history. If you have a low credit rating, you will likely pay higher rates for your insurance.

If you have a high credit rating, you will likely pay less for the homeowner’s insurance you obtain for your New York home. It is important that you check your credit reports frequently.

If you identify any errors, you should contact the reporting companies immediately to have the issues resolved. This will help you pay less on your insurance, and more!

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