Specialized Insurance for Brownstones are a Requirement

Brownstone Homes

Brownstones are situated all throughout Brooklyn. Originating in the 1830s, these buildings hold historical value and are considered to be highly iconic. Considered to be one of the most popular of all historical buildings in existence today, they require specialized insurance.

At the minimum, you will pay approximately $1 million for such a constructional delight. These buildings have their own unique needs.

If you own such a structure, you will need to obtain Brownstone insurance in Brooklyn to protect your investment and tend to those needs. Continue reading to learn why.

Code Standards

When the Brownstone buildings were originally constructed, there was not much of a requirement – in terms of codes; however, in today’s modern world, it often takes quite a bit of work to bring these structures up to code.

This is especially true now that most of the Brownstone neighborhoods today are under the heavily guarded eyes of homeowner associations.

These groups often outline the fact that it is acceptable for homeowners to retain the historical construction features of the original build, but several upgrades may be required in order to be up to par on today’s standards.

By having specialized Brownstone insurance, you can have the financial backing that is required to do the necessary upgrades. It takes quite a bit of funding, and your insurance company can help in offsetting the expenses.

External Porous Material

The façade or the porous material used on the outside of Brownstones gives the homes its unique name and appeal, but since these units were built, it has been discovered that it is not such a monumental construction material.

It flakes, it absorbs moisture, and it may suffer under the duress of outdoor precipitation. In most instances, it needs to be completely replaced in order to properly protect the structure. This could result in spending thousands of dollars.

If you have specialized insurance for your Brownstone, you will not be required to spend as much money as you would if you did not have the insurance at your disposal.


As a Brownstone owner, you will find that the upkeep is constant and it is highly expensive. It does not matter if it is the plumbing, the electricity, or another aspect of care, you are directly responsible for all that is required to keep the building going.

If you have specialized insurance, you will find that the hassle is not all yours. In fact, the insurance company provides special funding for the upkeep of these types of structures. We here at Modica Insurance are rated as the number one provider of Brownstone insurance in Brooklyn.

We have been providing owners just like you with a multitude of coverage types on these spectacular historical buildings since the year of 1961. We have highly comprehensive plans at the absolute best rates of any insurance company in and around the area.

To learn more about all the ways we can help you protect your Brownstone investment, simply give us a call today and speak to one of our specialists: 718-855-1836

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