Safety Training is Essential for Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial Truck Driver Safety Training

The commercial trucking industry is a vital component to our nation’s economy. However, the shortage of trained professionals within this industry has now raised immediate concerns in regards to the ability to find, hire, and retain professionals that have the qualifications and skills necessary to transport goods across our roadways.

It takes more than just a general knowledge of commercial motor vehicle laws and a general comfort level behind the wheel of a rig to succeed in the commercial trucking industry.

It also takes safety training. Continue reading to learn why it is necessary for your business to engage in a comprehensive safety training program for all of those that are assigned to transporting the merchandise in which you specialize.

Facts and Figures

According to statistics, every 15 minutes an individual is either seriously injured or killed in a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer. In the United States alone, there are – at the minimum – 500,000 accidents involving big rigs every year.

Out of these, at least 5,000 deaths occur. Large commercial trucks are more likely to become involved in multi-vehicle accidents than any other type of motor vehicle.

However, 98% of all deaths in these accidents happen to those that are in passenger vehicles. Motor vehicle accidents can prove to be extremely costly for the drivers of the vehicles and the businesses that employ those drivers.

What Causes Big Rig Accidents?

There are several unique causes behind accidents involving large commercial trucks. In most instances, tired drivers, the unsafe operation of the truck, driver carelessness, and improper loading results in these devastating accidents.

In addition to this, motor vehicle defects also cause accidents. Examples of the most common issues involving defects include defective braking systems, issues with the wheels and/or tires, transmission complications, problems with the engine itself, as well as steering issues.

By incorporating a new safety program for truckers in your business, you can make your drivers aware of these issues and how to check over their trucks thoroughly to avoid costly accidents and tragedies on the roadways.

Training Topics

By creating a safety training program in your business for your truckers, you can cover a wide range of training topics that will protect lives and property.

These include federal, state, and city regulations, accident policies, workplace injuries, accident prevention, compliance with the Department of Transportation, pre-trip inspections, post-trip inspections, reviewing equipment on the truck that is driven, and the processes of hooking, unhooking, loading, and unloading the truck.

You can also incorporate driver wellness topics into your safety driving program for your truck drivers. By having your drivers commit to and complete safety training, you will raise awareness, save money, and reduce costs associated with accidents and injuries that may occur on the road.


In addition to safety training saving money and preventing unnecessary accidents and deaths, you can save money on your commercial driving insurance. By now, you know that transportation insurance in New York and other areas can be extremely costly.

If you want to save money and reap the rewards associated with practicing safety on the roadways, contact us today to learn more: 718-855-1836

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