Safe Winter Driving Tips 

Driving In The Snow

Now that winter is in full swing and severe weather conditions are occurring around the United States, we feel it is important to share a few tips with you that will allow you to remain safe while driving.

Driving in harsh winter conditions is not only scary, but exceptionally hazardous. This is especially true in the northern states that often become bogged down with ice and snow.

Remember, the 3 Ps to maintain the highest level of safety during harsh winter conditions – prepare, protect, and prevent. 


The first step to preparing is to properly maintain your vehicle. You should check to ensure that you have the proper tire thread, functioning wipers, good car battery life, and enough antifreeze in the water reservoir. Your washer fluid reservoir should also have no-freeze products mixed in.

It’s also important for your vehicle to be stocked with emergency supplies. These include jumper cables, a flashlight, ice scraper, snow brush, shovel, warning devices, blankets, and an emergency supply of foods and drink.

If you have snow and other conditions in your area, it might be helpful to practice driving on an empty lot during the daylight hours. You should steer directly into a skid and test the reaction of your brake system. Learn how long it takes to stop both on ice and ice that is covered by water.

Lastly, never idle in a closed space for too long and you should make sure that your heating system and defrosting system is working appropriately. 


Many of the steps outlined above will help in keeping you safe; however, there are other measures that you may apply, too.

Just like you should everyday traveling in a care, make sure you and all your passengers are always buckled up. If you have children 12 and under, position them in the backseat rather than in the front seat. Child safety seats and booster seats should be used according to the law in your area and age of the minor passenger.

When planning a long trip, ensure you pack additional warming supplies, food, water, and chargers an power banks to charge your phone and other important devices. For optimal safety, purchase a satellite phone. 


First and foremost, never drive while under the influence of ANY substance that may cause drowsiness or impair your judgement when driving or to react appropriately behind the wheel – including allergy medications and some prescription medications. If you must take something, enlist the assistance of a designated driver. Moreover, avoid driving when tired.

You should drive slowly, but safely. Be certain to increase the distance between you and other vehicles on the road. Watch for people and pedestrians. Always pay attention to your surroundings.

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