Red Flags That Could Indicate an Insurance Company Is Up to No Good

Insurance Company Red Flags

Insurance is considered to be the “safety net” that is designed to protect you in certain situations. Examples include property damage, bodily damage, theft, illness, and loss.

Automobile accidents, fire, water damage, severe weather, theft, and other situations have the ability to turn a life upside down. They can decimate the finances and result in many hardships.

When disaster finds its way into your life, you turn to your insurance company to help pick up the pieces and put life back in order. But how do you know if your insurance company is up to no good?

In this guide, you will learn the top red flags that indicate there is an issue. Continue reading to learn more.

Red Flag #1: Requiring Implied Consent Through Call Monitoring

If you have ever called a business of any type, it is quite likely that you have heard a message stating that the call is being recorded or monitored for training or quality control purposes.

Yes, it is true that many companies do use these calls to train their call agents and to improve the quality that is provided to customers; however, many insurance companies use this tactic in order to record what you are saying – to determine if it may be used against you later.

If you answer one of their many questions incorrectly, they may attempt to avoid paying your claim. To avoid this trap, simply decline monitoring. You have this right.

Red Flag #2: Informed of an Investigation on the Claim

If your insurance company informs you that your claim is being investigated, it may be a good indication that they are trying to uncover a way to avoid paying you. In this instance, it is advised that you obtain counsel from an attorney.

Red Flag #3: The Use of Independent Appraisal Companies

Let’s say you were involved in a car accident and a valuation of the vehicle that was involved is required. Your insurance company states that they will send out an independent appraisal company. This is a red flag.

The company may under value the vehicle, which means that the insurance company will not have to pay as much as they would if a proper valuation was performed.

If you have had this type of appraisal and do not agree with their final value, you should get the vehicle appraised by another company or contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.

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