Own a Brownstone in Brooklyn? Insurance is a Must

The classic brownstones situated in New York City are highly iconic. This type of structure made its first appearance in the 1830s, a time when the then middle class sought out highly durable homes with unique features and appeal.

Today, these homes are considered to be among the most sought after; however, they are also among the most expensive. It is common to pay in excess of $1 million for the purpose of a brownstone.

However, each has their own set of expenses. If you own a Brooklyn brownstone, you must obtain insurance.

The Façade

The Façade is the foundation of appeal for brownstones. While gorgeous, the material is now considered to be one of the worst types of materials for construction.

It is highly porous and is known to flake very easily. This stems from environmental condition, such as rain, ice, and snow. According to figures, a full façade replacement could run anywhere from $70,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have brownstone insurance in Brooklyn, you will be able to repair and/or replace the façade at the fraction of the cost that you would pay without it.


Brownstones were monumental in design and appeal during the 1830s and beyond; however, those that remain today often require a multitude of upgrades in order to come up to code.

In addition to the expectations set forth by code enforcement in the areas where brownstones are located, there are homeowner associations and historical groups that have their own set of standards.

They understand having to bring the building up to codes, but they also want the buildings to retain some of their historical appeal. If you have insurance, it can help offset a bit of the expense associated with any and all upgrades that must be performed on your brownstone.

All Upkeep is Your Responsibility

Once you have purchased a brownstone, you will discover that all aspects of its overall upkeep rests directly on you. This includes electrical work, plumbing, safety, and more.

Let’s say a water line breaks, you are responsible. This could cost $5,000 or more – depending on the location and severity of the issue. If the pipes are in excess of 100 years old or contain dangerous materials, you will be required to replace them.

This could – easily – run around $15,000. There are many responsibilities that come with owning a brownstone. If you own one, you must have insurance – or, a LOT of financial backing.

We Can Help

If you are in need of brownstone insurance in Brooklyn, we here at Modica Insurance can help you. We have specialized in insuring these amazing historical structures since the year of 1961. In fact, we have the highest level of experience in brownstones than any other broker within the area.

We offer the most comprehensive coverage plans at the most competitive rates. If you are ready to enjoy full coverage and complete peace of mind, simply contact us today by calling: 718-855-1836

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