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6 Ways to Create a Healthier Home Now

It isn't difficult to become ultra-paranoid about all the potential germs and bugs walking around the house at the molecular level. Yes, God made dirt, but when not taken care, dirt can actually hurt. Bed bugs can cause swelling and irritation in the skin. Mold can create severe breathing issues and potential death. Mold and bed bugs fall under the class of germs and dirt. So, how does a person crack down on all of the potential dangers and create a safe, healthy home environment? Thankfully, there are lots of practices to start doing. Consider the various options listed below.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are great because they are constructed with a person, their environment and their pets in mind. There are so many dangerous pollutants and chemicals in cleaning products. Do a complete overhaul of the cleaning products used for dishes, countertops, laundry detergent and dish soaps. A lot of these chemicals come into close contact with a person's skin. In this case, it is vital to choose the safer option.

Maintain a Consistent Cleaning Routine.

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a clean home. It is so easy to allow dirt, dust, clutter and dishes to pile up over time. Once they've all piled up, it is difficult to tackle them all without spending an entire day in cleaning mode. Refuse to allow the sink to become storage for dirty dishes. The sink is merely a stop for dishes on their way back to the cupboard. Clean them immediately. Do a rinse down of the tub after each use and use a shower spray. Disinfect and wipe down countertops after each use. Sweep through the kitchen and different rooms on a nightly or bi-weekly basis, depending on use. Before long, a routine is maintained and the house stays clean. If this sounds unrealistic, hire a maid service.

Invest In An Air Filter & Replacements.

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There are different ways to keep the air clean. While indoor plants and a routine opening of the windows for a few minutes can help, save up and invest in a quality air filter. An air filter will always work on cleansing and purification of the air. Invest in a quality air filter like the Merv 13. It is important to choose one that will pull as many pollutants from the air as possible. Combine the air filtration systems with indoor plants to create an environment where anyone can breathe deeply.

Pay Close Attention To the Mattress.

The average person spends between 7-9 hours on their bed every single day. A person sweats and releases dead skin in bed every night. While it may be hard to see with the human eye, this happens. Because of this, make it a point to vacuum the bed on a monthly basis. It is also good to turn the bed over after six months. It should also be replaced every ten years. These tactics will make sure that the bed is a safe place to dream deeply without the fear of the bed bugs biting.

Cut Down On Bathroom Germs.

Most people don't want to think about the amount of fecal matter floating through the air after each flush. Yes, there's fecal matter on the toothbrush and on the washcloth. The best way to minimize the amount is by closing the lid of the toilet before flushing. This will help to prevent this matter from traveling through the air.

Replace Sponges and Rags Routinely.

Sponges and rags are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. After all, they are used to scrub off dirt and debris from countertops, dishes, bodies, etc. Sponges and rags are very necessary to keep clean. Keep in mind that these cleaning tools are not meant to be eternal. After a while, the materials easily hold a very musty smell and carry dirt from one surface to another. Instead of continuing to spread dirt around, throw away sponges and rags and always keep replacements on hand. A great way to keep sponges clean during the life of their use involves the microwave. Douse the sponges/rags in water and place them in the microwave for two minutes. The concentrated heat helps to cut germs.

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