Officials in New York City are Leaning Towards Enhanced Restrictions on Restaurants Due to Surge of COVID-19 Cases

During November of 2020, there was a severe uptick of COVID-19 cases in and around New York City. In fact, cases have surged across the country. As a result, many of the elected officials within the limits of New York City are calling for restrictions on restaurants.

The first is limitations to delivery and takeout, with the closure of indoor dining. The second is the possibility of indefinite closures. Naturally, this is urged to protect public health; however, for those that own, operate, and work in these restaurants, an endless sea of uncertainty surrounds their industry.

The federal government is being urged to approve another relief package; however, that has yet to happen.

Loss of Business and Curfew Restrictions

Even without new restrictions and/or closures on restaurants, many of these establishments throughout New York are already suffering. Sales are down, indoor dining is limited or completely out of the question, and newly-imposed curfews have many restaurants seeing an immense downturn in profits.

Tens of thousands of people in the city – alone – work for restaurants. If more restrictions are put into place, it will put all of those individuals out of work. Individuals must take the steps in which they are urged – such as social distancing and wearing masks -to avoid this for happening.

Avoiding Full Lockdowns

No one and no business have a desire to be placed back into a complete lockdown. It is essential that businesses and people take steps now in order to flatten the wave of cases that is consistently growing.

Health experts have continuously stated that the coronavirus is more likely to spread indoors – particularly in restaurants and health / fitness facilities. It is a fact that the restaurant industry has been completely decimated by the initial wave of closures and that a second wave would be absolutely disastrous.

Permanent Closures

Since the arrival of the coronavirus within the United States, thousands of restaurants have been forced to close down their business. This stems from experiencing less business than usual, the inability to obtain federal aid, and the various restrictions being placed on the industry as a result of the continued spread of the virus.

If you own a business, it is imperative that you obtain restaurant insurance and other types of insurance coverages now. By obtaining the insurance that you need now, you will experience far fewer losses than you experienced during the first shutdown.

We Can Help

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