New Law in New York Automatically Enrolls Married Drivers in Supplemental Spousal Liability Coverage 

On August 1st 2023, a new law came into existence in the State of New York that required all married drivers to be automatically enrolled in supplemental spousal liability coverage with their car insurance company. This means higher insurance rates on car insurance for married drivers; however, drivers may now elect to opt out of the additional coverage. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Is Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance? 

Supplemental spousal liability insurance coverage provides the liability coverage for bodily injury under a vehicle’s policy when a person is injured or is killed in a vehicle accident caused directly by the negligence of the insured’s spouse.

If the insured opts out of this coverage, the injured or the deceased spouse would not qualify for the bodily injury coverage that is outlined within the policy. 

Does the Bodily Injury Limit Increase with SSL Insurance? 

No, the limits of the bodily injury liability do not increase when supplement spousal liability insurance is added to the motor vehicle insurance policy. Those limits remain the same. 

How Much of an Increase Will Be Charged on the Policy? 

When supplemental spousal liability insurance is added to a policy an additional amount is added to the policy. Annually, this increase averages out to be as little as $20 on the low end and as much as $84 on the high end. 

Unmarried Drivers Enrolled 

There is one issue that is occurring with this coverage. That is, every driver in the state is having supplemental spousal liability insurance added to their vehicle insurance policy – even if they are unmarried.

As a result, those that are not married must submit paperwork directly to their car insurance company stating that they want to decline the coverage. 

How Can Married Drivers Opt Out of Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance? 

The Department of Financial Services in the State of New York that regulates the agencies that offer insurance coverage throughout the state has a general declination form for those that want to opt-out of the coverage.

This may be found at Once you get to the website, you download and print out the declination form. Once completed, mail the form to your vehicle insurance company. Many insurance companies are now offering this form on their websites. 

How Much Liability Is Legally Required in New York? 

The minimum liability legal requirement in the State of New York is $25,000 for bodily injury for one person, each accident.

It is $50,000 for one injury resulting in death of one person, per accident. Finally, $50,000 for injury and no death of two or more people, per accident. 

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