Minimum Personal Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements for the State of New York

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In order to register your vehicle in the State of New York and engage in the process of obtaining your license plate for the vehicle, it is imperative that you understand that there are minimum personal auto insurance coverages and specific amounts associated with those coverages.

In short, the coverages that you will be required to obtain include No-Fault or Personal Injury Protection, Liability, and Uninsured Motorists. In this guide, you will receive a brief description of each and relevant facts associated with each. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. No-Fault – Also referred to as “Personal Injury Protection” this personal auto insurance coverage helps to immediately pay for economic-based losses in the event of an automobile accident so that those hurt or detrimentally impacted by that accident are restored to health and their general level of productivity as quickly as possible. It covers lost wages, medical expenses, and other types of expenses that are directly related to having experienced the accident. It covers the driver, the passengers, and any pedestrians that are injured as a result of the accident. This coverage is for personal injury only and does not cover your car, damage to another’s property, or automobile repairs.
  2. Liability – Also identified as “Bodily Injury & Property Damage”, this personal auto insurance coverage is designed to protect you and anyone else that is driving your vehicle (with permission) is a claim is made by a third-party that states that you acted in a negligent manner or if you were at fault. This coverage will produce payments to a third-party that has been injured as a result of your being in an accident. It also helps in providing legal defense to help you when a claim is made against you. In the State of New York, the requirements that you have for Liability must be a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury that does not result in the occurrence of death, $50,000 for bodily injury of two or more people that does not result in death and $100,000 for any type of injury that results in death that is experienced by two or more people in an accident. Also, there is a minimum amount of $10,000 required for property damage. Insurance companies often refer to these minimums as “25/50/10”
  3. Uninsured Motorists – This personal auto insurance requirement offers protection for you, all of those that live with you, and those that occupy your vehicle in the event that an injury occurs from a vehicle that is uninsured or a motorist that performs a hit-and-run. It is imperative to understand that this coverage is only good for bodily injury sustained in an accident in the State of New York, and not for any type of vehicle or property damage.

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