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Our Personal lines department specializes in Homeowners, Condominiums, Cooperatives, Automobile and Historic Brownstones…

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With dozens of markets to choose from we have the ability to not only get the right policy for our clients, but we get it at the best possible premium…
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Since 1961, we have specialized in insuring the Brick and Brownstone homes typical of South Brooklyn. No other Broker has the experience we have in this market….

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Our agency are a reliable insurance agency that has been providing tailored insurance for many years. We provide diverse coverage options, personal insurance, commercial insurance, and brownstone insurance to satisfy the varied needs of our customers.

Personal Coverage: Modica Associates provides customized insurance policies for individuals, including car insurance, homeowners' insurance, condominium insurance, and CO-OP insurance. We understand that each person has different insurance needs, and work directly with our clients to create customized policies that provide optimal protection at affordable prices. Whether you're looking to protect your home, car, or personal possessions, Modica Associates has the experience and capabilities to provide you with comprehensive insurance solutions that meet your particular needs.

Discover Full Coverage Options for Individuals and Businesses

Modica Associates' team of experienced agents take the effort to understand every client's particular coverage requirements and craft customized policies that provide the ideal possible coverage. We are committed to educating our clients on their coverage policies and helping them understand the pros and drawbacks of each kind of coverage. Our objective is to offer our customers with assurance being aware that they are completely insured against unforeseen circumstances that can result in financial burdens.

Business Insurance: Modica Associates offers all-encompassing protection plans for enterprises of all sizes. We fully understand the special hazards and obstacles faced by companies in today's dynamic plus fluctuating environment, and offer customized protection plans to meet our customers' specific requirements. Our company insurance policies include construction insurance, property insurance, business insurance, government contractor insurance, restaurant insurance, transportation insurance, and business loss insurance. We offer a wide range of commercial insurance policies to protect companies of all sizes. Our customized coverage options provide enterprises with the insurance they need to function with confidence in today's fluctuating business environment. With our commitment to remarkable customer service and proficiency in the insurance sector, Modica Associates has become a dependable partner for companies in the Big Apple vicinity.

Protect Yourself and Your Company with Our Comprehensive Policy Offerings

Brownstone Insurance: Modica Associates specializes in providing, we specialize in offering coverage the brick and brownstone homes that are typical of South Brooklyn. These homes are unique, and we've been insuring them ever since 1961. We know the specific risks and challenges faced by owners of brownstone homes encounter and provide thorough protection plans to protect our customers' homes and personal belongings.

Our company also offers a range of protection plans for owners of brownstones, including coverage for property, liability coverage, and protection for additional living expenses. We work with several leading insurance carriers to provide the best protection plans at competitive prices. With our company, owners of brownstones can be confident that their houses and personal belongings are completely protected against unexpected damages and losses.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

At our agency, our team of experienced agents works closely with each client to evaluate their unique needs and create customized coverage plans that provide optimal coverage at reasonable prices. We collaborate with several leading insurers to provide the best coverage options at reasonable premiums. Whether you're an individual looking to protect your personal belongings or a company looking for comprehensive insurance solutions, our agency has the know-how and resources to provide you with the protection you need.

We offer a wide range of coverage options, including personal insurance, commercial insurance, and brownstone insurance, to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Together with our commitment to outstanding customer care and knowledge in the insurance industry, Modica Associates has become a trusted partner for persons and businesses in the NY region.

Your One-Stop Shop for Full Insurance Protection

Modica Associates has a long-standing name for providing high-quality insurance products at reasonable prices. We are committed to helping their clients comprehend their coverage options and providing tailored assistance to ensure that each policyholder's requirements are met. Our group of seasoned agents works with clients to understand their unique situation and provide personalized solutions that match their needs and budget.

After years of experience in the insurance industry, Modica Associates has developed strong ties with top insurance carriers. This permits us to provide their clients with a variety of coverage options and cost-effective pricing. We are proud of our skill to negotiate the most favorable premium rates and insurance coverage for our clients.

We is also dedicated to contributing to the community. We have been actively involved in several groups and activities, and are dedicated to helping small businesses and non-profits. We realize the significance of being an active and reliable member of the society, and they aim to make a positive impact wherever we can.

Secure All Your Coverage Requirements

Finally, we can be a reliable provider of insurance that offers comprehensive policy choices for individuals and businesses. We are dedicated to contributing to the community, and have become a reliable ally for people located the New York area. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience to discover about our various insurance policies. We're excited to supporting you.

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