Little Known Personal Auto Insurance Discounts That May Result in Big Savings

If you are a driver that has a short commute to work, own your own home, or do not drive daily, you are one of the millions of consumers that have the capability to save potentially hundred each and every single year on car insurance.

However, if you are reading this brief article, you probably do not realize this fact. According to research, the average individual in the United States spends nearly $800 a year on their personal auto insurance.

Depending on where you live and which factors pertain to you, you have the potential to score big when it comes to discounts. In this short guide, you will learn about little discounts that could add up to big savings.

Home Ownership

While it is true that many insurance companies offer consumers discounts on their premiums if they bundle their personal auto insurance and their home insurance, it is also true that just the simple act of owning your home could work to your benefit – in terms of car insurance savings.

The way that an insurance company sees it is, if you have lived in, invested in, and eventually developed ownership of your home, you are likely to have a higher level of responsibility than those that rent.

Generally, home owners typically save approximately 6% annually on their car insurance. If you became a homeowner after obtaining your personal auto insurance policy, it would be in your best interest to inquire about this potential discount.

Utilizing Electronic Funds Transfer

Personal auto insurance companies appreciate payments that are paid in full and on time. For this reason, many offer discounts of up to $30 a year for policy holders that allow them to deduct the payments each month directly from their bank accounts.

This totals about 4% savings, annually. Statistically, one out of every three car insurance companies offer this discount. You should contact your company today to determine if this is a discount you may qualify for in the future.

Short Commutes

If you have a short commute to work – say, less than 15 or 10 miles a day – you may qualify for a discount on your personal auto insurance. The shorter distance you drive, the less likely you are to experience an accident or another type of situation where your insurance company would have to pay out.

As a result of the shorter commute back and forth to work, you may qualify for up to a 4% savings on your policy each and every single year when you meet this criterion.

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