Insurance is a Crucial Element of the Overall Success of Your Transportation Business

insurance for transportation business

As the owner or operator of a transportation company, you are well aware of the fact that your vehicles, the products you specialize in, and your employees are constantly moving

. You are part of an industry that transports goods in excess of 3 billion miles each year, according to the reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It does not matter if you manufacture products, are a distributor, or simply specialize in the carrying of cargo, transportation insurance is a must for your business.

Not only does this type of insurance protect your vehicles, your products, and your employees, it offers protection for others that travel the same roads and helps to optimize the amount of success that you experience, as a company.

What is Transportation Insurance?

Transportation insurance offers businesses a comprehensive policy that provides coverage to the property of the owner to protect it while it moves from one location to another location – be it land, water, or air.

In the transportation industry, the possibility of goods becoming damaged while being moved is exceptionally high. Additionally, there is a risk associated with those items being delayed in delivery and/or lost. Transportation insurance covers all of these situations.

Transportation insurance may also include coverages for theft, vandalism, fire damage, and other types of situations. In some instances, it may also provide the following:

  • Coverage for break downs while traveling
  • General liability coverage
  • Coverage for any created pollution
  • Gap coverage
  • Employee coverage
  • Coverage for other motorists involved in an accident with your company

Modica Associates Offers Many Benefits to Transportation Companies

We here at Modica Associates have been in business since 1961. We have an expansive amount of expertise in transportation companies and insurance policies that cover those types of businesses.

We specialize in selling a service that will provide you with the highest level of value. If you are in the market for transportation insurance, you will be pleased to know that we have the most comprehensive services and offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

Our transportation insurance in New York is designed to protect you, your company, and your products with the highest level of personal attention.

We know and understand that no two transportation companies are alike. We create solutions for all of the unique needs that your business has.

All companies that obtain their transportation insurance from us agree that the attention that we provide, the details that we over see, and our customer service is 100% unparalleled.

We gather a team together that puts your business at the front. Our specialties are our levels of expertise. When choosing your insurance, you have the unique capability of selecting the company that you want and the coverages that you desire.

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