How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Brownstone Home

Brownstone Homes With Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the general level of attractiveness of your home as observed by those within the street. It directly relates to the exterior of the brownstone home.

It also includes the fixtures utilized outdoors, the sidewalk, the landscaping, and the driveway. Not only does an enhanced curb appeal help in promoting the home for sale, it also helps to boost the value of the home and the general value of the neighborhood.

In this quick guide, you will be provided with a few tips on how to boost the curb appeal of your beautiful, historic brownstone home.

Enhance the Front Area

First impressions are established by the front area of your brownstone home. While already gorgeous, there are several ways that these specially-designed homes may intensify in their appearance. To give the front a little boost, consider the following:

  1. Replace the door on the structure. To maintain historical significance, you could opt for a traditional and older door. If you want to modernize, a more modern entryway may be created.
  2. If there are shutters, replace them to go along with the door that you choose. If shutters are not present, consider integrating them.
  3. It is likely that there are gutter systems that include downspouts on your brownstone home, simply replace them to spruce up the home’s appearance.


While most brownstone buildings do not have vast amounts of spacious property included, it is quite likely that there is a small patch of land that you may enhance. First, always make sure it is mowed and trimmed. Second, add some small flowering plants or bushes to the area. If you do not have room for this, consider adding potting plants near the window region. This will help brighten up the building and make it seem more inviting. You may also add plants and flowers along the walkway and/or driveway.

Exterior Lighting

In today’s world, there are many different types of exterior lighting that you may add to your brownstone home. You may opt for lighting that resembles that of the days of old, solar lighting, walkway lighting, or strong lighting that outlines the home. If there are trees or bushes in the yard, you may enhance them with lighting. You can also add LED tape on the brownstone itself! You can opt to light up the outdoor region for safety, for appearances, or for both!

Brownstone Programs

When you choose to enhance the curb appeal of your brownstone, you have many options. Do not forget to sign up for one of the many brownstone programs that are currently available. This will help to cover your home in case of an accident or other unforeseen incident. Brownstones are historically significant and are not high in supply; therefore, it is imperative that you take the steps that are necessary to protect yours. If you would like more information or would like to start the sign up process, you may contact us today at: 718-855-1836

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