How Do I Prepare My Restaurant for the Holiday Rush?

Holiday Restaurant Table Setup

While it is true that retailers feel the brunt of the holiday rush – probably more so than any other commercial entity – restaurants also experience vast rushes and the necessity of accommodating larger than usual crowds.

Between shopping, socializing, and the time restraints that occur during this time of year, more people elect to eat out than any other time of the year.

Though you are likely to see an increase in revenue and profits, you must take the steps that are necessary to ensure that your restaurant is ready for the influx of customers. Here, you will learn those steps.

Enlist Seasonal Assistance

When the holidays roll around, it is a good idea to hire additional staff members for seasonal assistance. These are often referred to as “temp employees”.

You may obtain these from outsourcing or employee agencies in and around the community that your restaurant services. Be certain to obtain additional help for the kitchen, wait staff, counter staff, and even the staff that handles cleaning and maintenance. It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Forecast Sales to Ensure Ample Inventory

If there is one thing that will turn off your patrons quicker than anything else, it is not having all the products available that you have on your menu.

You will need to forecast the amount of sales that you expect so that you may order the proper amount of inventory. You may also use a formula to predict your sales. This is to multiply the number of tables you have by the number of seats that are in your establishment.

Once you get that figure, multiply the average ticket size by the table turn. This will help you figure out how many sales that you will make. In turn, it will help you ensure that you get the right amount of inventory in stock.

Expect the Unexpected

As the holidays draw near, the festivities are likely to become a bit more chaotic than you are accustomed to. As a result, you should make certain that expect the unexpected.

This is especially true if you serve alcohol or have an establishment in an especially busy area. More people and action often result in more complications.

Whenever several people gather, it is not at all unusual to find that there are more incidents occurring in that area. Be certain that you have restaurant insurance in New York when operating a dining establishment.

Insurance Coverage

We here at Modica Insurance offer insurance specifically for restaurants and other types of structures within the New York area.

Our programs include workers compensation, equipment coverage, money and security protection, loss of income, benefits for your employees, general liability, food spoilage, automobile coverage for your business, liquor liability, and a multitude of other types of coverages.

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