Factors That Should be Considered When Seeking Brownstone Insurance Coverage in Brooklyn, New York

Brown Stone Insurance Factors

Brownstone ownership is an achievement that many real estate investors and individuals seeking a marquee dwelling seek. However, owning this type of property comes with a bit more than a large living area, plenty of room to accommodate guests, and a lawn space to call your own.

This is especially true when it comes to acquiring brownstone insurance. In this brief guide, you will learn about several factors that should be considered when opting for insurance for your brownstone abode.

Factor #1: Your Responsibility in Upkeep

As the owner of a brownstone in Brooklyn, you are directly responsible for its upkeep. It does not matter if you experience a pest problem, accumulate snow in the fall and winter months, the public litters on your property, a pipe leaks, the roof becomes damaged, the boiler stops working, or the plumbing develops an issue. You are on your own.

When seeking out a brownstone insurance agency in Brooklyn, New York, you must opt for one that provides coverage details that will help you ensure optimal upkeep on your dwelling.

Factor #2: Problems Not Found in Modern Homes

The next factor you should consider when seeking out brownstone insurance is the fact that many of the present-day structures in Brooklyn are likely to have issues that are not common to modern homes.

These include an infestation of termites, the presence of lead paint, and plumbing pipes that are not considered to be up to code. When opting for coverage, it is important to get only that which will help you with these types of problems, should they become evident.

Factor #3: Landmark Status

Many brownstones – like those that are currently standing in Brooklyn Heights – are considered to be “landmarked”. This means that you will be limited in the types of changes that you are able to make on the building. Each time you elect to make changes, you will be required to seek out approval through the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

If the brownstone becomes damaged and you discover a need to put in an insurance claim, it is imperative that the insurance company is willing to cover the materials that are needed to meet the guidelines as set forth by the commission. In most instances, the restoration of the original features is not covered. You must purchase coverage for this and this could result in more expenses.


Brownstones are created using specific building materials. Due to their age and their immense popularity when they were first constructed, you may find that the building requires a lot of work and upkeep.

It is important to ensure that the insurance you obtain for the dwelling will cover all of these aspects of your home. Failure to consider the factors outlined in this guide may result in an immense amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

If you are having a difficult time seeking coverage and are ready to work with a brownstone insurance agency that will provide you with the coverage that you need, contact us today at: https://modicains.com/contact-us/

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