Construction Worker Safety During Corona Pandemic

Each and every single construction project is unique. The location, the specification of the work, the number of workers required, and the types of specialists on the job all differ.

With that in mind, it is difficult to create a safety guide that applies to all construction jobs and all construction workers. However, we do feel it is necessary to create a general-based guide that offers steps to help aid in the safety of those that work in the construction field during the corona pandemic.

Continue reading to learn how workers in construction may remain as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to the standard protective wear – such as hard hats, gloves, and devices used to protect the hearing and sight – construction workers should be provided with face coverings that will prevent droplets that are potentially infected with COVID-19 from entering the nasal cavity and the mouth.

If the work site is heavily saturated with dust particles, it is essential that a dust collection system be put into place. If necessary, protective overalls and similar protective work apparel may be worn.

Safety Meetings

As in all construction jobs, safety meetings are critical. If possible, these should be held by telephone so that social distancing may be practiced.

In addition to the standard safety components outlined for the job, employees should be provided with education on COVID-19, its associated symptoms, and there should be guidelines in place for those that are either exhibiting symptoms or have been potentially exposed to the coronavirus.

Employees should also be instructed to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another, when it is possible. Furthermore, lunches and breaks should be staggered to limited the size of the group during each.

Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

When you have a construction site, it is imperative that you provide ample cleaning supplies and hygiene supplies to the construction workers – especially during the corona pandemic.

These include alcohol-based hand sanitizers, a running water supply (if possible), cleansing wipes, antibacterial and antiviral cleaning materials, bleach, and other products that are similar in nature.

The usage of the tools on the job should be limited to one user per tool. If this is not possible, you should enlist an employee as one who properly cleans and disinfects the tools that are used between different people while on the job site.

Optimal Insurance Coverage

During the corona pandemic, it is absolutely essential that you maintain as much insurance coverage as possible. This coverage should include workers’ compensation insurance, business loss insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, and those that are similar in nature.

This way, should an employee or a client become sick or injured during the course of their work or the work that they are performing and incur any medical expenses or loss of income, you will be able to properly assist your construction worker employees.

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