Brownstone Repair and Maintenance That May be Completed During the Summer Months

Brownstone Property In The Summer

If you are the owner of a Brownstone property in New York, it is quite likely that you are very pleased with your investment. Despite the solid investment, it is quite likely that there are many repairs that must be done.

Additionally – to protect your investment – you must perform regular maintenance to prevent the common problems associated with the building materials.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions do not always correspond with your need to perform the necessary work on the structure. The summer months offer the perfect level of warmth and sunny days to get the work done – once and for all.

Here, you will learn about the projects that should be pursued during this time.

Composite Repair

If you have a Brownstone, it is likely that you have discovered some degree of deterioration on the surface of the stone. For this, you will need to perform a composite repair. This is a perfect job for a summer day!

All you have to do is apply a patch of tint-based mortar to the area or areas where the stone is starting to deteriorate once you remove all of the broken stone.

Not only will this type of repair help to enhance the beauty and appeal of your Brownstone, it will also aid in increasing its overall value.

Historical Enhancements

Throughout the years, many Brownstones have been updated with pieces that are more modern than the original materials utilized. For example, many people may have replaced the windows to those that have frames composed of vinyl.

Unfortunately, most of these structures are in historic districts that have a variety of rules, policies, and procedures that involve integrating historic-based changes – such as replacing modern windows with those that are wood-clad.

If you have to make updates that reflect the historical Brownstone, the summer months are the perfect time to make these changes.

Bring Up to Codes

You should have your Brownstone inspected during the summer months to determine if any of the mechanical-based features must be brought up to code.

Is there a modern water heater in place? Is the heater product in the home safe? Do you need to add ventilation to the attic or the fireplace?

These are all common issues that come up during a code inspection. If you have to bring your Brownstone up to code, the summer months are a great time to do so.

Insure Your Brownstone

The final maintenance and repair tip for the summer months is not a repair or maintenance tip at all – it will just help you with all future repairs and maintenance. That is, to insure your Brownstone.

We here at Modica Insurance offer the most comprehensive Brownstone programs and insurance coverages of any company throughout New York.

Our insurance options and programs are not only designed to protect you – as a homeowner – but your investment by offering the latest and greatest features currently available.

If you want to protect your “piece of history”, contact us today to learn more: 718-855-1836

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