Brownstone Insurance Provides Expansive Coverage to the Historical Landmarks in South Brooklyn

Brownstone Insurance Brooklyn

The historic Brownstone homes in South Brooklyn display an exotic beauty and appeal that has captivated the senses of all who have observed them since their construction in the 19th Century. Composed of a soft Triassic sandstone and/or freestone that is close-grained, the color was created by weatherization and the presence of the hematite-based iron ore.

The design and structure of these spectacular homes combines the elements of the popular Romantic Classicism and nature-based tones and themes that were present during the time of construction. While considered to be a highly dignified material for buildings, many that own these homes today find themselves challenged when attempting to obtain Brownstone insurance.

Age and Condition Matter When Trying to Obtain Insurance

The age and condition of many of the Brownstone homes of today have a direct impact on the owner’s ability to acquire insurance coverage. Most are in excess of 100 years old. Many need to be remodeled, reconstructed, or revamped in order to be safe for habitation.

As a result of these facts, many insurance companies choose to avoid offering coverage; however, there is one that not only offers an immense amount of coverage, but they SPECIALIZE in Brownstone insurance. This company is Modica Insurance. If you have a desire to obtain Brownstone insurance in Brooklyn, New York, this is your “go-to” one stop source.

Modica Insurance’s Brownstone Coverage Includes a Wide Variety of Feature and Options

The Brownstone insurance offered by Modica Insurance has a wide array of policy features, inclusions, and options that you may choose from. Examples include a Green Rebuild Endorsement, an “All-Risk” policy, valuation clauses, water damage, sewer and drain back-up coverage, flood coverage, earthquake coverage, equipment, fire damage coverage, spoilage, coverages for valuables and electronics, coverage for building ordinances, and more.

These types of dwellings were very popular from the 1840s to the 1890s; however, in recent years, they have started to regain their popularity among those that have an appreciation for classic architectural design and history.

With Modica Insurance Brownstone Coverage is No Longer as Complicated as You Think

Unfortunately, most that desire to obtain a Brownstone face so many challenges in obtaining insurance that their dream is immediately devastated. Now, that situation is no longer an issue. Brownstone insurance may be easily obtained to cover these beautiful and historically-significant structures.

In the earliest days of the Brownstone movement, individuals questioned the durability of the building materials utilized to create the magnificent structures.

Through time and trial, brownstone building materials are now considered to be a crucial component to what is considered to be the finest types of homes constructed in and around Brooklyn; however, maintenance and upkeep is required. This is where Brownstone insurance comes into play.

Now, you can easily obtain the coverage that you need to re-establish a Brownstone home to its original beauty and splendor – without all of the hassle!

If you have a desire to re-create, rebuild, or remodel a Brownstone home, we can help! Simply contact Modica today for your Brownstone insurance coverage.

We know and understand the significance of these historical masterpieces and will assist in any way possible to make your dream of obtaining and maintaining such an exquisite structure possible:

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