Are You a Government Contractor? Protect Yourself and Your Business From Major Losses With Government Contractor Insurance

Conducting any type of work or business with the government of the United States presents a wide array of risks. Many government contractors believe that the protections that are offered are quite broad; however, this is inaccurate.

It does not matter if your work is operational-based, it is related to construction, associated with security, or in technology, there are actually several unique risks.

Accidents and circumstances do occur and it is imperative that you properly protect yourself and your business from major losses by obtaining government contractor insurance. In this guide, you will learn about the coverages offered through this type of insurance.

Property and Casualty

This type of insurance protects you and the work that you perform from any type of lawsuit or other types of financial-based losses that directly pertain to bodily injury and/or accidents.

Workers Compensation

If you or an employee experiences an illness or an injury on the job, this type of insurance for government contractors will aid in covering a portion of any wages lost and medical costs.

Commercial Auto

This type of insurance protects the vehicles that you use during the course of business operations to ensure that your operations run smoothly on a regular basis.

Business Income

This type of insurance protects you and the losses that you experience when the situation arises where you are unable to perform your work and/or the operations of your business ceases for one reason or another.

Tools and Equipment

This insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your tools and equipment against operator errors, power surges, burnout, and breakdown.

Errors and Omissions

If your client engages in the filing of a lawsuit that directly relates to a service that you have provided or did not provide that did not have the results that were either expected or promised.

Defense Base Act

This type of insurance is designed for government contractors that are civilians and working for the government of the United States outside of the country or the United States.

Kidnap and Ransom

If extortion threats occur against your employees, merchandise, proprietary information, etc., this type of insurance offers the highest level of protection.

Emergency Evacuation

This aids in the event that you must engage in an emergency evacuation and helps in covering all costs associated with the event.


This type of insurance provides around-the-clock coverage in any location on the planet for injuries, such as sight loss, hearing loss, limb loss, and even paralysis.

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