A Quick Guide for Individuals Interested in Purchasing a Brownstone Home 

If you are reading this guide, chances are, you have an interest in purchasing one of New York’s iconic brownstone homes. These structures exhibit the greatest of the architecture charm of the 19th-century.

Upon construction, the brownstone allowed for the middle class to own a structure of luxury as most were unable to afford those structures with a façade of limestone or marble.

Fast forward to the 21st century and these buildings are considered to be highly luxurious due to their beauty and creative architectural construction. 

Why Are Brownstones Called “Brownstones”?

The brownstone buildings are referred to as such due to the brown-colored sandstone that was used to create the exterior facades of the rowed brick homes.

Most of the structures received materials from the Portland Brownstone Quarry that was located within the State of Connecticut.

The brownstone was very easy to cut and to carve out due to the machines that were powered by steam at the time. As a result, many were incorporated through various cities within the State of New York. 

What Are the Defining Features of the Brownstone?

Apart from the actual brownstone façade, the brownstones are known for the grand stoop entrances that allowed for an elevated entrance referred to as the “parlor floor”.

Most of the structures have 3 to 4 total stories. As you explore brownstones, you will also notice that they have unique window designs. The two most popular are bay windows and the rounded nook windows. 

Where Are Most Brownstones Found?

Today, the most common locations for brownstones include the Upper West Side, Harlem, and the neighborhoods in Brooklyn – Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Bed Stuy, and Carrol Gardens. 

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Brownstone Home?

The advantages of purchasing a brownstone home include the charm, the nice neighborhoods where they are located, and the amount of space contained within the structure. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Purchasing a Brownstone Home?

The main disadvantages of purchasing a brownstone home include their age, the fact that many lack modern-day amenities, the immense amount of stairs that must be walked up, and the cost. These are historically significant structures.

In most instances, they are governed by a homeowner’s association and must be brought up to code upon purchased. All in all, it could result in a vast array of expenses. 

Brownstone Insurance 

If you elect to go through with the purchase of a brownstone home, you will be required to purchase specially-designed brownstone insurance to protect your asset. This may prove to be highly expensive and time consuming.

We here at Modica Associates can help. Not only can we help in ensuring that you get the coverage that you need, but we will ensure that you also get the best priced brownstone insurance for your needs.

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