A Few Simple Strategies for Seniors Looking to Maintain Low Rates on Their Car Insurance

Senior Woman Driving

Seniors who have pristine driving records may be surprised to find that, as they grow older, their car insurance rates increase. In most instances, middle aged drivers experience the best rates.

This is often due to years of experience behind the wheel and an assortment of loyalty discounts. Statistically speaking, older drivers are more prone to accidents due to age-based changes that occur with the vision, hearing, reflexes, and underlying health conditions.

The good news is, there are still methods within the driver’s control that will help in maintaining low rates on their car insurance.

General Lifestyle Changes Should Be Reported

Seniors that work less hours outside the home, work at home, or are retired generally drive less than other seniors that still remain on full-time status in the workplace.

If you are reading this and are a senior who now commutes less, you should report that to your car insurance company. The number of miles that you drive – on average – actually plays a large role in how much you will pay on your car insurance.

By informing the company that you drive less, you will likely experience some form of discount on your insurance.

Focus on Your Credit Score

Many car insurance companies evaluate your credit history and look at your overall credit score when determining the rates you will pay with their company. If you want to have lower rates, it is imperative that you make certain your payment history is solid and that your credit score is healthy.

Avoid Letting Others Borrow Your Vehicle

The next way to ensure you get the best rates on your car insurance is to avoid letting others drive your vehicle. When you do this, you are also allowing that person to basically borrow your policy, too!

If an accident occurs, the rates that you pay have the potential to increase significantly. If there comes a need for someone to regularly use your vehicle, you should discuss adding them to the policy that you have.

If they have a decent driving record, it may keep your rates the same. If they do not and it slightly increases your rates, it is much better than having to deal with the rate increase immediately following an accident.

Take a Class

There are driving safety classes and similar classes offered for mature drivers in each state. If you take one of these courses, you may see a deduction in the rates that you pay – sometimes, as much as 15%!

You should look into this type of course and complete it. Upon successful completion, be certain to contact your car insurance company and let them know you have taken the course and passed it so that they may apply the appropriate discounts.

Optimize the Safety Features of Your Vehicle

If you are a senior looking to get the best car insurance rates, you should indulge in the purchase of the latest and greatest safety features.

Examples include rearview cameras, collision warning systems, lane drift alert systems, and parking assistance devices. All of these will contribute to you paying less for your car insurance.

Get the Best Rates Today

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