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What Is Construction Insurance and the Benefits Associated with Having it

As a construction professional or contractor, you are faced with many daily risks. These include equipment damage and even hazards present at your jobsite. Construction insurance is a special type of insurance that aids in helping you maintaining a safe worksite. It protects your employees and also offers protection for the materials that you use,… Read More…

Transportation Insurance Products Available for Truckers

Truck Driver

If you are interested in transportation insurance products that are available for truckers, we here at Modica Associates can assist you! We place a high level of focus on trucking, transportation, and business insurance plans for those that are in the trucking industry. We know and understand that each transportation business is unique. It does… Read More…

The 4 Main Types of Property Insurance Available for Purchase

Property Insurance

Purchasing and maintaining property insurance is a necessary step in protecting yourself, your family, and your business from liability should an event that is beyond your control occurs. Property insurance is a specially-designed policy that provides direct coverage for property owners. These policies provide extensive coverage for various types of damages. Examples include those that… Read More…

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