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The Challenges of Owning and Operating a Restaurant in New York City

Restaurant Insurance Brooklyn

If you are an entrepreneur and have a desire to own and operate a restaurant, New York City is considered to be a prime market that has a large economy. Additionally, it is one of the busiest areas throughout the world. Those that reside within the area are considered to be wealthier than individuals in… Read More…

Brownstone Insurance Provides Expansive Coverage to the Historical Landmarks in South Brooklyn

Brownstone Insurance Brooklyn

The historic Brownstone homes in South Brooklyn display an exotic beauty and appeal that has captivated the senses of all who have observed them since their construction in the 19th Century. Composed of a soft Triassic sandstone and/or freestone that is close-grained, the color was created by weatherization and the presence of the hematite-based iron… Read More…

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