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Factors That Should be Considered When Seeking Brownstone Insurance Coverage in Brooklyn, New York

Brown Stone Insurance Factors

Brownstone ownership is an achievement that many real estate investors and individuals seeking a marquee dwelling seek. However, owning this type of property comes with a bit more than a large living area, plenty of room to accommodate guests, and a lawn space to call your own. This is especially true when it comes to… Read More…

Brownstone Insurance Provides Expansive Coverage to the Historical Landmarks in South Brooklyn

Brownstone Insurance Brooklyn

The historic Brownstone homes in South Brooklyn display an exotic beauty and appeal that has captivated the senses of all who have observed them since their construction in the 19th Century. Composed of a soft Triassic sandstone and/or freestone that is close-grained, the color was created by weatherization and the presence of the hematite-based iron… Read More…

Brownstone Insurance is Tricky to Obtain Due to the Hidden Costs Associated with the Historical Buildings

Brownstone Insurance Broker Brooklyn

The brownstone buildings throughout Brooklyn, New York are considered to be iconic. They started to emerge throughout the 1830s, when the middle class sought to obtain homes that were classy, reflected their socioeconomic status, and exhibited a high level of durability. Today, brownstone homes are still considered to be highly sought after due to their… Read More…