Young Adults Likelier to Apply for Insurance to Protect Themselves

A recent poll reported that young adults of this generation are likelier to apply for insurances that will protect themselves, their valuables, and their love ones. Most of today’s young adults tend to disbelieve they’re invincible unlike what others think of.

According to the Commonwealth Fund, 67% of Americans aged 19 to 29 are eager to apply for health insurance and other coverage when given the chance by their employees. Those who didn’t apply for such said that they’re still covered by their parents’ insurance policies.

The report also included those uninsured young adults. One in every five persons said they didn’t apply for one because it’s beyond what they can afford. Five percent of the uninsured young adults said they don’t need it. From 18.1 million uninsured young adults in 2011, statistics say that it dropped to 15.7 in 2013; 15 million of the insured population is still under their parents’ insurance plan since last year.

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