What to Avoid When Getting Insurance

What to Avoid When Getting InsuranceIt’s easy to fall for any insurance policy that’s appealing due to the low cost and wide coverage, all of that topped off by the convincing insurance jargon the agent throws at you. Don’t get sold on the plan that easily just because it’s a necessity to you. Compare with other insurance companies’ offers and determine which one suits your needs best.¬†Additionally, you must avoid common mistakes individuals make when it comes to insurance.

So you won’t be just another oblivious insurance client making the same mistakes everyone else does, be a smart consumer and avoid the following:
  • Setting Low Deductibles
  • Failing to Ask for Discounts
  • Ignoring a Bad Complaint Record
  • Assuming That Group Life Is Cheaper
  • Dropping Long-Term-Care Insurance
  • Insuring Your Home for Its Market Value
  • Picking a Health Policy Based on Premium Alone

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