Protect Yourself with Property Insurance

Following the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West Texas, property owners are now assessing the damage to their homes and business.

Texas Watch came up with a list of tips that can assist policyholders in dealing with their insurance companies.

  1. Make sure your insurance company honors all of its obligations. If you have further questions regarding an insurance company low-balling you, you can seek legal advice.
  2. Never sign any document that releases your legal claim without fully understanding it. Do not deposit checks from your insurance company that have “settlement” written anywhere on them.
  3. Document everything and make sure you keep all the receipts from emergency repairs. Document all the costs you incurred in temporary housing for these may be reimbursed under the “loss of use” portion of the insurance policy.
  4. Don’t forget to ask for proof. If the insurance company tells you that your policy does not cover the damage, make sure you ask for proof. They should be able to point out in the policy where it specifically states that such damage is not covered.


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