Protect your Property and Identity while on a Trip

Protect your Property and Identity while on a TripSummer season is approaching and it’s definitely the time for many to travel and go on a vacation. It’s also the time for felons to take advantage of the vulnerability of the situation, unfortunately. Thus, the Better Business Bureau urges consumers to be on guard while planning their holiday trips.

According to BBB, the following tips will help avoid travel disasters and insure your home and finances.

– Never publicly announce your travel plans. Burglars can access Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to find out when you’ll be out of town.

– While you’re on vacation, ask a neighbor to get the mail for you. Or better yet, have the post office hold off mails until you arrive from your travel.

– Limit disclosing personal information by tearing up used identity cards and passes that contain your full name and address.

– Keep personal information locked in a safe place. As much as possible, use one credit card for all your purchases.

See what else can be done to protect your house and identity from offenders while you’re out on a trip by visiting here.

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