Mothers Usually Initiate Talks About Finances

Mothers Usually Initiate Talks About FinancesIn the spirit of Mother’s Day, a new financial survey has found out just how much more influential mothers can be in a household. Although every, home and family is different, the findings of the research conclude that moms, usually considered as in charge of, well, more maternal roles — such as managing the household and taking care of the family, actually have more say when it comes to money matters.

Mothers clearly have the upper hand over fathers when it comes to talk of finances. Particularly when it comes to dealing with conversations with their adult kids, mothers usually initiate talks about important topics as financial security in retirement, caring for an elder and estate planning, according to survey results released Tuesday by Fidelity Investments.

“Moms are more likely and open to having deep, detailed discussions,” said Lauren Brouhard, a senior vice president for retirement with Fidelity’s personal investing business.

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