Island Residents Ask for Help in Protecting Houses

Protecting HousesThree houses were destroyed in early March due to strong storms in Plum Island Massachusetts. So the residents were naturally fearful that their homes might next be affected by any sudden change in the weather there. Now residents are seeking help from the government so their homes could be better protected against the weather and the sea. They have pleaded government officials for help.

Here is a part of an article by Susan Tran:

Catherine Batchelder talks about losing her house here on Plum Island after last week’s nor’easter pummeled the coast line with ferocious waves, heavy wet snow and winds that howled for three straight days.

When you’re watching your furniture float out to sea, it’s nothing but surreal,” said Bathelder. “Our foundation was collapsed and the furniture floated out to sea.”

Many frustrated residents are at their boiling point. Residents packed a meeting in Newbury for more than two hours, pleading with officials for help in saving their homes.

I’ve got a bill for like $33,000 for the cement blocks that we put in so far and we just started on the rocks today,” said Greg Sawyer. “I don’t know. It’s all out of homeowners’ pockets.”

We need to take a bulldozer, mind the sand from the low tide line and replace the dune for the entire row of houses on Plum Island,” one woman said.

Two homes collapsed in the storm and have already been torn down. Four more teetering on the edge will be taken down over the next few days. Even the towns building inspector is blown away by all the destruction.

You can look up at the houses, they’re 20 feet up, the depth of that sand and the volume lost is just, almost unfathomable,” said Sam Joslin, building inspector.”

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