Insurance Companies Limiting Availability of Health Care Professionals

emergency signSeveral major insurance companies based in California have decided to limit the number of health care professionals – doctors and hospitals – receiving insurance beginning October 1. This decision is in line with the Affordable Care Act and the companies’ response to control premiums.

In lieu with this decision, many patients are feeling furious because despite of the Affordable Care Act, they’ll still be struggling to get proper health care. Even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which aids the needy to get better medical services and attention, there are still complaints of long waiting times and lack of specialists who can attend to their needs.

Other insurers in California have also cut back their medical professionals although not to the same extent as that of Health Net. However, the ratio of patient to doctor is said to be restricted to only 50%. In response to this move by the insurance companies, the Californian local government is pushing different insurers to add more doctors and health care professionals since May of this year.

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