Expanding Insurance Coverage to Help Bipolar People

dollar bills inside a bag According to the National Institute of Mental Health, six percent of the American population suffers from serious mental illness. In numbers, this equates to one in every four people or 57.7 million experiencing mental health disorder annually. Unfortunately, the department revealed that many mental health sufferers lack insurance plans covering their illness.

A concrete example is Tampa mom Jessi Spencer-Hammac. She’s thirty two years old and has just been diagnosed a few years back with bipolar disease. Prior to seeking medical attention, she first thought of her mood swings as the cause of her being a moody person. This led her to make rash decisions, one of which is leaving her daughter for years.

She tried applying for a health insurance eight months ago. Unfortunately, she was told by the consultant that she’ll never get one because of her mental illness. Desperate as she is, she tried to search online for any coverage available only to end up being flooded by calls from different insurance companies who are trying to manipulate her.

All this will soon change because of the Affordable Care Act aiming at insurance companies providing coverage for the mentally ill. There’s still hope for the mentally ill, find out the rest of the story here.

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