Chinese Women No Longer Flooding Across Border to Give Birth

wpNew restrictions have been implied to Mainland Chinese women who want to give birth across the border. Immigration officials stop pregnant women at the border and check whether they have the required documentation to show they have a bed booked. nI the records of 2012, many of them were turned away.

This is considered sad news for the Chinese hospital businesses, especially for this focused on maternity. One of the hospitals called Precious Blood has lost two-thirds from its birth business since they get their income mostly from Mainland women. They charge upwards of $5,000, depending on the package they choose.

“The income dropped,” said Wong, owner of Precious Blood Hospital. “That’s the effect of the policy.”

Most of them want to give birth across the borders for many reasons: better medical care, avoidance of China’s one-child policy, and for what’s known as right of abode.

Full article here.

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