Aspects Not Covered by Basic Home Insurance Policy

Without a doubt, home insurance is now a must for every homeowner. It covers many things including personal property, liability and the entire structure as well. However, there are things which aren’t actually covered by a basic home insurance policy. To get out of this confusion, which is the cause of many disagreements, read below.

– Water damage is basically covered by home insurance. However, flood damage isn’t part of this. This has been subject to commotions between homeowners and policy experts. But what is true is that damage due to a flood isn’t part of any basic home insurance policy. A different policy for flood damage exists, which can be included as you please.

– Home insurance policies cover liabilities to injuries that happened within the property. It does not, however, commit to those which occurred at business-related premises. For you to have this kind of coverage, applying for business insurance is practical.

– Damages due to a landslide or earthquake are also not part of any home insurance policy.  Separate policies are widely available and are highly recommended to people living near fault lines.

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