Affordable Care Act to Bring Business Insurance New Horizons

Businesses can now sign up for a better healthcare insurance coverage thanks to the new Affordable Care Act to be passed this coming October 1, 2013.

In line with this act, the Dill Pickle Coop believes that providing health insurances to its employees is essential. With this, the company’s paying 70% of the premiums of its full-time employees, and once the Affordable Care Act becomes accessible online by 2014, small businesses will be more competitive in the industry.

General Manager of Dill Pickle Coop, Sharon Hoyer expressed the company’s hopes of seeing a decrease in premium rates once the act becomes accessible online. Additionally, Jillian Phillips that beginning October 1, people without insurances can now shop online and still be qualified for premium subsidies thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Understand the thoughts of different small businesses about this new act by reading the news story here.

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